Simply put, becoming a Host Partner means participating in a Screen Sharing Program with other non-competitive business locations in your area. You will have the unique ability to continually communicate with existing customers at your own location as well as with existing and potential new customers outside your location. Your name, your brand and your message will be played thousands of times at another business location in addition to your own. Plus if you're a host you get to take advantage of our discount pricing. The content of your message is up to you, but commonly include your products, services, specials and other exciting information.

Visual Ads

Here's what you get as a host

With a host there is absolutely no cost, ever! Unless you want to advertise at additional locations.

Free Installation

Visual Ads, whether you get a digital ad or a print ad installed, will take care of all installation fees, cover costs and more. You're not responsible for anything!

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Inside Ad

You get at least one inside ad. An inside advertisement is an ad on your own digital display or a print ad to display specials, events, parties and etc for your location.

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Outside Ad

You get one free ad at another non-competitive host location. This ad can be any advertisement, special, event to attract customers to your business.

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Discounted Pricing

In addition to your free ad at another host location, you receive heavily discounted pricing on advertising at multiple host locations. Starting as low as $34.95/mo.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Host and Advertiser?

- A Host Partner agrees to have a high definition screen placed in their business.

- An Advertiser pays to be on a Host Partner screen of their choice.

2. How much does it cost?

For a host, upon approval, there is no cost for equipment, setup or installation. We take care of everything needed at no cost to the host. See the benefits

3. Who installs the equipment?

JK Media, aka Visual Ads handles everything needed for a professional installation

4. Is there a contract?

There is no contract to be a Host. While there is quite a bit of upfront cost for us, we are confident that you will benefit from our display, that you will be a long time host with us.

5. Does the display use up my bandwidth?

Not at all. Every so often it checks for any new updates if there are none then no activity is used. If there is a change it is downloaded and stored at the local player level (we provide).

6. What is the length of my ad?

All hosts get a free inside ad which is 15 seconds. And a free premium ad at an outside location that last 15 seconds.

7. What's the difference between digital ad or a display ad?

Simply put, a digital ad is a display (TV) installed at your location, usually in a high traffic area, reception area, etc. A print ad is a ad that is printed, stationary and usually are located in restrooms.

8. Can I choose to only have a digital ad, print ad or both?

You're more than welcome to choose either one or both to display in your location. Both have zero cost to install.

9. Who designs my ad?

You have the option of providing your own artwork or we can provide a standard ad for $40 and an animated ad for $75. Please keep in mind all ads are in portrait mode 1080x1920.

10. Can I use my ad on Social Media?

Of course! If you have your ad designed with us, we can send you a copy to be used on any other advertising media.